A shift in my sociality

I’ve been active on Facebook since 2006. Super active. Addicted active. I think that’s run its course.

A month or so ago, just prior to the holidays, the deluge of knee-jerk negativity, manifested by manifesto-length, all-caps tirades, hit me like they’d not done so before. I like discussion, not binary good versus evil, sister against brother, yer either wid me or agin me ultimatums.

Also, for Christmas I received a Sony Playstation 4 (PS4), so I’ve been socializing in-game now as much or more than I did in the late 90’s and early 00’s. It’s been a blast.

I kept Facebook Messenger on my phone, and I do find myself checking the site when I’m on my personal laptop or desktop, but I deinstalled the app from my phone.

I’ve come to realize Facebook is like being a member of a sub-reddit I accidentally joined. The trick will be to make sure I still expose myself to alternative opinions. Among podcasts, radio, reddit, and my RL friends, I think I’ve got that covered. But I’m watching myself, be assured. The moment I get certain of something I’ll seek out another opinion.

I’ve laid off FB before, but this time it feels the romance is truly over.

We shall see.


One thought on “A shift in my sociality

  1. I ended up re-engaging but only for humorous purposes and keeping in contact with friends and family. I tend to stay away from issue discussions.

    Perhaps I’m growing up to the level of a young adult, social media wise.

    It’s sometimes fun again, often boring, but at least no longer so depressing.

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