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#Unfit2BTied – The Vasectomy Live-Tweets

From December, 2011:
It being my first vasectomy, I didn’t know what to expect…aside from wanting to tweet the event, of course.
To read this properly, begin at the bottom and work your way up through the document.
I did not think to capture these until a while afterward, and I think I may have missed a few, but whatteva.
My twitter: they might still be available on Twitter via the #Unfit2BTied. <- Click me to check it out on Twitter.

The Tweets:
ebsewi ebsewi 
@vlmedina To be clear, the ‘blows out the gunk’ comment was with regard to positive #writing effects & not the #Unfit2BTied thread.
ebsewi ebsewi 
Too soon for the standing desk apparently. A day of pillows commences. #Unfit2BTied
ebsewi ebsewi 
To those of you who Facebook-poked me today, know that I am not allowed to poke you back for several days, per doc’s orders. #Unfit2BTied
ebsewi ebsewi 
And before I take a tweet break, my final #Unfit2BTied (or is it?): Go forth and DIVIDE BY ZERO ERROR
ebsewi ebsewi 
For some reason I’m feeling less of an affinity with bunnies.#Unfit2BTied
ebsewi ebsewi 
A friend advised an underwear-based supporter from the hockey store. Was going to buy it but it didn’t come with a goalie mask. #Unfit2BTied
ebsewi ebsewi 
When I retire I’m thinking a return to the work force as a surrogate is now off the table. #Unfit2BTied
ebsewi ebsewi 
Whoever started “No White After Labor Day” was a frickin’ prophet. #Unfit2BTied.
ebsewi ebsewi 
1 more for the playlist-end: ‘Swing low, Sweet Chariot’/’Lay Down Sally’ mash-up. #Unfit2BTied
ebsewi ebsewi 
Those worms from Dune were awesome. I wonder if they minded those hooks. #Unfit2BTied
ebsewi ebsewi 
That couple with 19 kids can afford to expect less, proportionately, from each kid. #LoweredExpectations #Unfit2BTied
ebsewi ebsewi 
“So, what attracted you to this line of work, Doc? Moments like this, or the money?” #Unfit2BTied
ebsewi ebsewi 
I wonder why no one offers me giblets at Thanksgiving. Always dug ’em as a kid. #Unfit2BTied
ebsewi ebsewi 
Should have worn a big red nose & brought a buzzer. #Unfit2BTied #Operation
ebsewi ebsewi 
“Expect a brief prick.” Sounds like my mother-in-law’s advice to my wife. #Honeymoon #Unfit2BTied
ebsewi ebsewi 
Humming “It’s Cold Outside” & thinking I should have made a playlist. #Unfit2BTied #Pandora
ebsewi ebsewi 
Should have worn shades. Feeling naughty when I make eye contact #Unfit2BTied #CatholicUpbringing
ebsewi ebsewi 
Is it inappropriate to ask my doctor what scent he is wearing? #Unfit2BTied
ebsewi ebsewi 
Entering the building. I had expected thunder & lightning. Seems too cheery. #Unfit2BTied
Live-Tweeting, during the procedure, begins above this line.
ebsewi ebsewi 
Off to bed, People. Look for #Unfit2BTied around 10:30AM CT/ 4:30PM Greenwich time 2011-12-23 for my live reporting from my vasectomy.
ebsewi ebsewi 
#Unfit2BTied will be thoughts that occur to me during my vasectomy but they may not be directly related. 2011-12-23 apx 10:45 AM CT forward

"Portal", "Portal 2", and Steam

Below is information I sent to a friend of mine recently.  I've had a few messages from people asking me “What's this Portal game you've been going on about?”, and “What's this Steam thingie?”  

Some background for you before diving in the links:


“Portal” and “Portal 2” are multi-platform games capable of being run on PC, PS3, Linux (I think), Xbox, and Mac.  Players on any platform can play the multi-player portion of “Portal 2” with each other.

The game is non-violent, unless you count the various AI entities trying to kill you.

“Portal” and “Portal 2” are often available on Steam for crazy low prices.  One can even buy multi-packs so as to gift copies to friends.  As I type this, “Portal” is $9.99 and “Portal 2” is $19.99, but I bought both of them, as a package, for under $10 over the holidays.  All you need to do is add them to your wishlist, on Steam, and then you'll get an email when they go on sale.

“Portal” has no multi-player, but “Portal 2” has one that is great fun.  Voice works across platforms, by the way.


I play the game via the Steam gaming network ( ) .  Steam happens to be owned by Valve, which also created “Portal”, but this is a coincidence.  That is, I play other games that are simply downloaded and played, via Steam, that were not created by Valve.  Steam is a free online service via which you can buy and download games and connect up with your friends, within Steam, for playing the games.

A Steam account is FREE.  Several games, such as “PlanetSide 2” (hilarious review at are amazing…and again, FREE.  To get the hang of Steam, I suggest creating an account, installing their client software, and downloading a free game.  

Note that the client software has a low overhead.  I set mine not to launch at Windows boot and only launch manually, but it can of course be there all the time if you want it to be.

Steam often has enormous specials where games are .99 or a couple of bucks.



Portal 2:

Official Site at Valve:

Sign up for a Steam account: