Some Other Tablets – Vizio & Pandigital

    Just because there isn’t a lot of buzz about these tablets, right NOW, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them a look.

Vizio 8″ (VTAB1008): Under $200 for an Android tablet with an HDMI hook-up and a microSD slot.  Yep. and for the official site.  Don’t believe the price, at Vizio’s site, as it’s a lot cheaper elsewhere.  For folks with Vizio TV’s or phones it offers feature integration, and it’s IR Blaster remote control might be fun to use to screw with fellow bar patrons.

Pandigital 7″: Under $100 (not a typo) for an Android-based device with a microSD slot, WiFi, and access to the Android market.  Downsides include the 800×600 resolution and the older Android version.  Still, at this price, it is pretty much a disposable thing.  It would make a great first tablet for a pre-schooler or grade-schooler who just wants to play with apps and read books and do some Internet activities.


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