More Fodder for the Fire-Nook Lightweight Bout

I’ve come across some interesting comparison information and opinions.  After viewing all this information I am giving the Nook a slight edge, but just as with their old readers, I think both devices are attractive.

  • Yes, content is king these days, but the Nook’s dual-processor and SD slot support will make it able to run more intense apps as they are released.  Out of the gate the available array is impressive enough to hold me.
  • Barnes & Noble (Nook) has a “free repair in-store service”.
  • The Nook is better for folks longer in between WiFi  hot-spots.  This means people on the go, or in office spaces without WiFi, will be able to access more stored on-board materials than Kindle users, because the device can hold “more stuff” in times that it has no Internet connection.
  • The Nook has a superior battery life (per specs).
  • The Nook supports the library ePub format; the Kindle still doesn’t.
Programmer Info: Good stuff and it includes an embedded Nook promo video, so don’t be surprised when you hear a woman talking about the Nook.  Scroll down the page there to see her:
Specifications comparison of Amazon Kindle Fire, B&N Nook Color, and B&N Nook Tablet:,2817,2395979,00.asp#fbid=jc71b59DClJ

BizJournals  Slide-shows of Kindle File, Nook Tablet, and iPad:


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