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RoboForm v7 Supports Firefox 4 – Upgrade Options for v6 Users

    Long time readers of this blog know of my affinity for RoboForm, the password and identify tool.  [Yes, I still have no official or monetary connection to RoboForm, so this posting is NOT an ad].

    I recently upgraded to Firefox 4, and to my dismay, realized that my RoboForm toolbar no longer functions within Firefox.  Per RoboForm‘s site, version 6.x will not support Firefox 4, and one must upgrade to RoboForm v7 in order to get Firefox 4 to work with RoboForm.

    And thus the age-old dilemma.  Should I revert to Firefox 3.6x?  Should I revert to using Internet Explorer as my default browser (in which RoboForm v6 still works fine)?  Should I buy the updated RoboForm?  [And no, Neither Safari nor Chrome offer enough RoboForm compatibility to be viable options; the RoboForm bookmark applet is not robust enough for my needs.]

    Being a supporter of RoboForm, I think I will choose the upgrade route.  Look for updates to this posting as I pursue this.

    To help get you started, I provide the ‘Upgrade from v6 to v7’ link, as follows:


HTC Incredible Gets "Application data space is low. To free space 1. go to Mail…" Error in GMail App

Apparently I had been lucky in not getting this error prior to tonight.  Other HTC Incredible users tend to get it more often.

Google seems aware of the issue but no direct fix appears to be forthcoming, so here is a work-around that should get you through for some time:


On the phone, navigate to Settings > Applications > Running Applications and look for “”.  Clear the data.  Your Gmail should start syncing immediately.  If not, perform a manual sync.

Your messages should start flowing again.

My Favorite Android Apps – March, 2011

    As promised, here are some of my favorite Android apps.  Anywhere you see a semi-colon, below, is where I typed comments after the app.

    I generated the app list with aTrackDog (listed below) and emailed it to myself from my phone.

    Download FULL VERSIONS of most Android apps from , and then simply install them using ASTRO.  Pandaapp is a great resource for finding applications not available in the Android Market.  As always, support the software developers by buying what you find useful.  Apps are not really expensive, and if they are worth something to you, support the team that created them.

    For your first app, download LookOut, the best anti-virus app for the droid!

– Dan Reams, March 2011


aTrackDog,3.17,com.a0soft.gphone.aTrackDog; Use this to keep all apps updated.  Note it also generated this list (which I then edited).  Now being on my second Android phone, I cannot emphasize how handy having an app list available to reference, to more quickly get my new phone full of my favorite apps.

AIM,,; AOL Instant Messenger

ASTRO,2.5.2,com.metago.astro; The best file manager, in my opinion.

Adobe Flash Player 10.1,,com.adobe.flashplayer

Advanced SD Card Manager,1.0,com.arron.sdCardManager

Advanced Task Killer Froyo,1.0.6 beta,com.rechild.advancedtaskkillerfroyo; Gotta get this one.  Kill those pesky apps that won’t seem to shut down.

Air Control Lite,2.03,dk.logisoft.aircontrol; My favorite Droid game of all time.

Air Horn,1.55,com.foncannoninc.airhorn

Angry Birds,,com.rovio.angrybirds; Of COURSE.

AppWall,1.1,com.appdream.appwallfree; A cool way to see and get to all your apps with just one click.

Apps Organizer,1.5.15,; I keep loving this.  Lets one create icon groups and saves tons of desktop space.


Best Buy,2.9.1,; Sure, it’s commercial, but its QR code reader directly ties into Best Buy’s product information database.  It hooked me enough that I actually use it, in Best Buy, to pull up additional product information.  Sure, I still use a standard barcode reader to find the best PRICE, but for product information this is handy.

Better Cut,2.0,com.betterandroid.bettercut; Easier shortcut creation


Bump,1.3.2,com.bumptech.bumpga; bump your contacts with others.

Cartman,1.0.1,com.mandroid.cartman; The legendary Mr. Eric Cartman.



Data counter widget,1.1.10,; Counts data throughput on your phone.  Even though I have an unlimited data plan, this is interesting.  For those
charged by the byte, this is a great tool.
DoggCatcher,1.1.1034,; I subscribe to podcasts and listen to them via this tool.  It remembers one’s position in an audio
file between sessions.  I suggest downloading audio files only via WiFi, at home, and then taking them on the road.  Downloads go much faster that way.
EasySleep Sound Machine,1.3.1,com.siano.SoundMachine; We use this whenever we sleep over somewhere.

FaceIT,1.9,com.icubicles.cekup.FaceIt/ Funny novelty.  Hold it up to your mouth and speak like a vampire, etc.

Foursquare,2011-02-14,com.joelapenna.foursquared; My #1 check-in app.

Glympse,1.26,; One of my favorite apps of all time.  It lets you send a tracker, to friends, with an optional time expirations, so they can track you in
real time on a Google Map.  C’mon…totally cool.

Google Reader,0.8.0,

Maverick,1.1.1,; GPS fun.  I admit I have only recently started playing with this one, but it states it supports offline maps.  I have had issues, with Google Navigation, where I lose network connectivity…and then am flying blind.  Offline maps would solve that and truly let me retire my stand-alone GPS.  I will update this list after I test further (2011-03-24).

MySpeed,1.1.0 beta,org.l6n.myspeed; GPS Fun

NFL Mobile,3.5,com.mobitv.client.nfl2010

Pandora,1.5.4,; I have numerous music stations set up.  Like one ad an hour or something.  Wonderful.

Paper Toss,1.0.9,com.bfs.papertoss; 2nd favorite droid game


PinPoint,2.1.4,com.pinpoint; GPS Fun

RedEye Scanner,1.3,com.funpack.wallpaper


Restaurant Story,1.0.3,com.teamlava.restaurantstory

Roboform Bookmarklet Installer,1.1,

SMS Backup,1.1.1,tv.studer.smssync; Automatically backs up all one’s text messages to one’s Google account and optionally in a ‘Read’ status (which I utilize).  Brilliant.

SMS Replier,SMSReplier 1.61a,; Auto-reply to text messages.

Scanner Radio,2.3,com.scannerradio; Scanner channels from all over the country.

Scroll Text,1.7,; Scroll a message in various sizes.  I’ve used it to keep people away from my desk while on phone conferences.

Shazam,2.5.1-BB70131,; A classic.  Hold it up to a playing song and it’ll tell you the name and artist.



TalkaDroid,2.1,com.dominickjohn.talkadroid; Simple text-to-speech app.

Tank Hero,1.11,com.clapfootgames.tankhero

The Weather Channel,2.3.23,

The Sims 3,1.0.9,com.ea.sdk; Get this via Panda.

The Eye,1.17.11,com.venturecase.theeye


Timed Profiles,1.0.0,ayman.utils.timedprofiles; This is cool.  Set up schedules for your profiles to change.  For example, time it so your phone automatically switches to vibrate-
only when you walk into work, and for sounds to come back on when you leave for the day.
Titanium Backup,3.5.0 :: Added Dropbox support (donate), Added Japanese/Spanish/Greek/Norwegian/Polish, Fixed sync of custom labels to SD, Fixed live wallpaper reset on backup,
Minor GUI fixes ::,com.keramidas.TitaniumBackup; Back up all your apps.
Toss It,1.8.2 Tabs Support,com.boolbalabs.tossit.preview



Ultra Keyboard,5.4.1,; My personal favorite keyboard replacement.  My fingers are more accurate with this one.


Ustream Broadcaster,1.0.2,tv.ustream.usclient


Where Am I?,1.0.3,com.whereami

White Noise Lite,3.5.3,com.tmsoft.whitenoise.lite

Wifi Analyzer,2.5.5,com.farproc.wifi.analyzer

Wireless Tether,2.0.6,android.tether; Gotta be routed for this.  Don’t download it unless you are.

Yelp,2.6.2,; A decent locator of things to do based on GPS location.


Zedge,2.1,; My favorite app for getting free ringtones and themes.

The Legacy of Posting

As I consider each posting, each quip, on any site, I think to myself, that when
I am gone, my kids will have an unprecedented chance to peruse my words, as they
move through their adulthood. In the old days kids would only get such chances
if their parents were prolific writers in the physical realm. I then think to
myself, will they get a kick out of it? Will my words describe who I am? Will I
seem whiny? What I type will certainly illuminate.

Every posting might as well be a tattoo, and I must think as such, before
committing the needle.

I am who I am, but I hope I do not disappoint or embarrass.

Something to think about for anyone wishing to define their own legacy.