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Bill Cosby joins CinchCast

Cosby sends periodic audio updates, from his phone, to CinchCast.
It’s kind of like Twitter, only with voice. Way too darn easy. Anyway,
if you go to the site, you can click the ‘Play’ buttons and play
anything he’s said, then comment on it. Same would be true for just
about anyone.

As with Twitter, or any status updates on Facebook or MySpace, I am
ambivalent. I mostly think this sort of thing is distracting, for the
viewer/listener/reader, and self-aggrandizing for the poster. And yet,
both sides of the equation attract me, mildly. Like gravity, it is a
weak force, yet it pulls me in, and with enough of it, it can become
crushing. Of course, it can also keep one grounded…remembering there
are others with whom to share the tick-tock..the on-going entropic march.

Everything in moderation, and all that. With that disclaimer,
experience it at .

Advertisements and the OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs extension

Many of us use as a fantastic, free alternative to MS Office, because it offers compatibility, with MS Office products.  I’ve recently started using an extension for it that makes it even more attractive to use

‘OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs’ allows one to export and import documents to Google Docs, Zoho, and WebDAV.  I use it to sync my Google Docs, to my local drive.  I can then edit them, off-line, and then sync the docs back up to my Google Docs.  Google Docs itself uses the open ODT format, so there is no translation needed.  However, because can read and write DOC files, translation is not an issue anyway.

I discovered this extension because a friend of mine was looking for a way to sync her Google Docs, to her netbook, for times when WiFi was not available.  Thanks, Cindy, for taking me down this research road!

You can find, available for download for LINUX, Windows, and Mac, here:

Look here for the extension:

Top10 Ways for a Madisonian To Celebrate Her Birthday

Advice I Sent to My Madison, WI. Sister on her Birthday

Top10 Ways for a Madisonian To Celebrate Her Birthday

10 – Picket a Wal-Mart

9 – Secretly visit a Wal-Mart, in the middle of the night, when you think no one you know will be there.  Save numerous dollars.

8 – People-watch on State Street and remember fondly back.

7 – People-watch on State Street and remember that you used to be stoned, just like them, and lament at how, now that you’re not, everything is much clearer.

6 – Eat a burrito as big as your head.  Wonder if they have lasers, at the door, that measure your head.

5 – Buy fresh vegetables.

4 – Remark how nice the bus system is, even though you never utilize it yourself.

3 – Recycle something.  Forget that it will likely end up in a landfill anyway, but at least it will travel there in a green truck.

2 – Organize a car-pool to help the environment.  After a couple days of people not showing up on time, farts in enclosed spaces, and personality clashes, return to driving solo.

1 – Look at the doorknobs in the state capitol building.  They say ‘Wisconsin’ on them.