U-Verse – Four tips for beginners

    A little birdie told me you have had U-verse installed.  Cool.  Feel free to ping me with questions; I’ve been around the block figuring things out.

    Welcome to the family.

    Brief tips:

  • You can record up to four shows simultaneously, but only one of them can be in HD.
  • You can only have one live HD stream playing, in the house, at any given moment.  Knowing this will save you some heartaches, as one of you might be watching a live HD show, in one room, and the other one, attempting to watch another live HD show, will get a message that there are “too many HD streams being shown right now,” and it will inform you to watch an SD show or a recorded show.
  • Check on the ‘On Demand’ button and scroll to the ‘Free’ categories.  Lots of stuff for the kids in there!  I got lost in there watching old 80’s videos for about a 1/2 hour before I realized I had other things to do.
  • Your Yahoo! login, to update your DVR online, is your new @att.net login.  To see the U-verse button, go to http://my.yahoo.com/.  If you’re logged in with your other Yahoo! logins, you’ll be confused that you do not see your U-verse stuff.  This stumped me for a while.  So, just log-out, then in with your new @att.net account, and go to the http://my.yahoo.com/ page.  You’ll see the U-verse button in your ‘Personal Assistant’ control panel, the one that has Mail, Weather, News, etc.



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