GoodSync & RoboForm – A Great Combination

I’ve periodically lamented the benefits of both RoboForm and GoodSync, both by Siber Systems.  [For information about RoboForm, search this blog or go to].  Recently they added an online synchronization capability that utilizes an updated version, of GoodSync that synchronizes one’s RoboForm files, out to one’s [new] online RoboForm account, then back again.

Because I own multiple copies, of RoboForm — on multiple PC’s, plus a stand-alone version on a U3 USB flash drive — it had been a bit tedious keeping my RoboForm files synchronized.  Tedious, but not too bad.  Now it’s even easier, because instead of using my primary desktop PC as the central repository, I now use my Internet account.  Pretty neat.

For more information see

[Note: I’m not affiliated with Siber Systems; I’m just a fan of the software.]


One thought on “GoodSync & RoboForm – A Great Combination

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