Silly Parsec versus Time Thoughts

Scott Martin posted a link to my Facebook page,

Joel Ward at 8:25am January 14
Sweet. Let’s get it in the garage this weekend, put some hemis on it (whatever they are) and see if we can get it down to eleven parsecs!

 Dan Reams at 5:16am January 15
Of course, upon first seeing that film, we all thought, ‘Parsecs! That’s dumb. A parsec “is a unit of length, equal to just under 31 trillion kilometres, or about 3.26 light years,” (courtesy of Wikipedia).’ And how could length be associated with time (Don’t go there, Joel)? Of course, if we think about ‘warp’ technology as bending space itself, it all makes sense. If the Kessel Run involves getting from Point A, to Point B, then faster = more bending, or technically getting from Point A, to Point B, over LESSER DISTANCE, as well as (perhaps) lesser time. Of course, it may be that traversing between any two points might take the same amount of experiential TIME, but simply requires more power to the bending. All great, but then, they use the term “Light Speed”, which yacks everything up. Okay, off to snow throw….


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