Milla Jovovich – Not just a pretty zombie slayer – She’s got cool tunes

    After viewing Resident Evil: Extinction (part of the DVD trilogy), with a fever of 101, and digging it, I decided to go to Milla Jovovich’s interviews, on the web, to see if they are planning on making another one.  Nope.  However, the browsing lead me to her site, and I downloaded 19 of her songs.

    The intro song, upon entering the site, has kind of a Foo Fighters vibe, with a little Garbage thrown in.  I dig it.  I’ll throw the rest of the tunes onto my media player and give them a listen.

Her site:

Interesting interview regarding her music (I think this interview is from 1994):

More modern interview from around the time of Resident Evil: Extinction (2007):


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