Bought a GE reverse osmosis water filtration system

On my way home from work I went to Home Depot, as part of my “journey of due diligence,” prior to planning on going to Menard’s to pick up the aforementioned (prior post) water filter system.  I ended up buying a GE model, $8 more than the other one I looked at, because I liked the faucet better (the handle can be made to stay on, versus having to hold it in the on position) and the tank is two gallons larger (10, versus 8).

My friend J.R. recommends this one:

Next up: Installing it this weekend.

I also bought a single-stage filter for the refrigerator’s ice machine, for $32.  I bought GE since it was right there and had a easy-on/easy-off filter, which seems like I might be able to place it in a location where I won’t have to roll the fridge in and out to change it every six months.  Dunno.


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