Gaming a bit again – Original ‘HALO’

Work is a challenge, in that there’s so much to do right now.  All kinds of stuff going on!  Great stuff and great colleagues, so I don’t mind it at all, but it can be mentally draining.

To alleviate the stress, I dug out my copy of the original HALO game, loaded it up, played it for an hour — after only having played it twice before, about 8 months ago — threw up a server, and had my pall Kirby connect.  We played for about an hour and a half, and it was a blast.  We set it for “five kills makes a winner”, and Kirby hosed me the first few times out (HALO vet).  I soon got my legs, and we ended up swapping matches throughout the rest of the night.  He and I did a lot of Ghost Recon, back in the day, and I’d consider us equals, with either of us able to trounce the other when we’re “on”.

Since then I’ve configured my router to pass Windows Messenger audio to my gaming rig so that we can taunt each other.  I tend to “play blue”, so I apologize in advance for any naughty words he hears in-game.

I highly recommend it as a way of letting off some steam.  One can usually find it at the used game stores for $9.99, or shell out $19.99 for a new copy.


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