I’ve finally abandoned Outlook (in favor of Thunderbird)

Yes, yes, I know.  I’m “Outlook Guy”.  “Mr. Outlook .”  “The Outlook Meister”.  No more.  It served me well these past 12 years…but it’s time to move on.  Passed time.  It’s simply too cumbersome and high powered for what I need to do.

In the old days, Outlook was the best game in town for handling multiple email accounts and having a calendar, built-in notepad, and journal.  Since the 90’s I’ve always worked for companies that use Microsoft Exchange email servers, and it made sense for me to be able to configure Outlook (full-blown, not Outlook Express) to connect to them.

Now, with other remote mail options at my disposal, and my own utilization of GMail, as my primary email address (versus my Road Runner email), I am no longer tied to a single PC to access my information.  Thus, I really don’t need a local email client at all.  That is, composing email on my PC is still easier, allowing me to copy and paste images, etc., but I don’t have to do it locally.  My Google calendar not only gives me access to my events, online, but it also lets me share my events with friends and family (as they let me see their events).

So, my Thunderbird client pops up, gets the job done, and utilizes far fewer system resources while doing it.  Bells and whistles?  A couple.  Ease of use?  Just fine.

So long, Outlook .  It’s been a good ride.


2 thoughts on “I’ve finally abandoned Outlook (in favor of Thunderbird)

  1. Note that Thunderbird is calendar-capable, using the right add-on. It is also GoogleCalendar capable, linking the right add-on to the other right add-on. For details, search this blog for ‘favorite add-on’.

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