10,000 Steps – Only 7,071 to go today

I joined my company’s “10,000 Steps Per Day” program, which officially begins at the end of the month. I bought a pedometer, at Target ($12.99), and I didn’t put it on until I got to work and sat down, so I missed getting credit for walking to my car, entering and exiting the gas station (coffee), and walking to my desk. This saddens me, as every little bit will help, since I’m Mr. Inactivity.

I took a couple of small trips around the building for various reasons before going to lunch. At lunch I went to the mall, walked in through the food court, took a left and went down to Sears, then back again. I drove to Starbucks, went in and read my book, then went in and looked around, in a video store (bought some previously viewed {used} console games) , then came back to work. I’ve gone to a meeting, gone to the cafeteria, and back to my desk. And I’m at 2,929 steps so far, and it’s 1:36 PM.

I had mentally counted my steps from one spot, to another, then checked my reading. It was 125 by my count and 126 by the pedometer, so the thing is accurate. My guess is it was I who miscounted.

10,000 is a lot. Schnikies! Cool though. Guess I’ve got to really walk at lunch. Mall-walking Winter, here I come.


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