Neural Interface Systems – Interesting Reading

People sometimes ask me if I have heard of any real neural interface systems (referred to as ‘brain computer interface’, or BCI systems) being used in the world today. Below is some interesting reading. Oh, and I have no affiliation with any of the companies listed.

For a primer on what neural interfaces are, and what they aspire to become, see Wiki’s entry at . It does a good job of outining the various technologies related to this field.

Cyberkinetics ‘BrainGate Neural Interface System’ – Currently in human testing, this system is comprised of a sensor, installed at the motor cortex of one’s brain, and the brain impulses are then transmitted [possibly to a laptop or other receivers], interpreted, and used to guide mice, wheelchairs, TV remote controls, and other devices. Link:

An INFOWars piece:

Cochlear Implant: Bionic Ear: Check it out at the Wiki site or by Googling ‘cochlear’.

National Institute of Health (NIH) Grant to fund research: August 2007 article at Medical News Today –


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