Monthly Archives: July 2006

Summer TV for the Sci-Fi Set

            Been watching or almost-watching (queued up ready to be viewed on the DVR) the following this summer, in between camping trips, trying to keep my lawn alive, and trying to figure out how to do more with less (the mantra of the 2000’s) at work.


  • Blade: The Series – Not since Highlander: The Series has a syndicated low-tech (no space ships, but vampires) SF/Fantasy show appeared with the style so well done.  SPIKETV
  • The 4400 – Now in season III, it’s rolling along finally with more new episodes.  I have five of them on the DVR, but finding time when the wife and I can watch them together is tough, so they continue to accumulate.  I’ve never missed an episode.  USA NETWORK
  • Eureka – Recorded the series premiere but have not yet watched it.
  • Dead Like Me – Again, recorded the premiere….
  • Nightmares & Dreamscapes: (Anthology series, Stephen King) – I watched the first one, cuz I like William Hurt.  It was fun because Hurt never uttered a single word.  Seen the Toy Soldiers thing in other movies though (Toy Story, Toy Soldiers), so not very original, but nice production values.
  • Stargate: SG1 and Stargate: Atlantis – both series new seasons have begun.  SG1, I still miss Richard Dean Anderson, but it’s a solid show.  Atlantis, Dr. McKay is worth the price of admission; I strive to be that level of asshole every day.  I wish.





Things that Irk Me – Part 2 – Joint (Couples) Email Boxes

An addendum to my ‘What Irks Me’ list:

Joint Email Accounts. Don’t you just love it when you get an email message from “Dick and Jane Doe”, like,

Hi, ____! How are you doing? Here’s some really good information. Talk to you later,


Dick and Jane

Okay, so was it Dick or was it Jane who emailed me?! Do these people not have independent personalities? I’m sure they think it’s cute, or even convenient, but it really is irritating to be on the receiving end of such a thing. At least, if one is going to have the duo ‘Dick and Jane’ in the default signature, of the email, then for Godsakes take the time to put the –Dick or –Jane in after typing the email text! Usually I reply, “Thanks! By the way, was it Dick or Jane that sent me that message?”

I liken it to having one of those creepy voice scramblers, on the other end of the phone, that changes the voice to a computer voice or other non-descript/non-gender voice, and having the person answer “Dick and Jane here.” Dammit! Just tell me who you are!


– The whole Hee-Haw Gang (Junior Samples, Minny Pearl, Roy Clark, Buck Owens, String Bean)