Things that irk me – Part 1

I am someone who tends to get bothered by things, things that may not bother anyone else.

Open drawers bother me. They ruin the order of a room.

People who order food for a dozen people, through the drive-up: Hey, you’re in a drive-up. Go inside. You can use the exercise, and I want my meal.

Coffee Shops that charge for wireless hotspot access: I’ll go somewhere else. For $3.50 for a cup of milked-down joe, I want my browsing included. I’m not a table hog, and I have multiple beverages, per trip. You listening, Starbucks? Sure, I still visit you, but only during lunches. At night, if I have work or writing to do, I go to a local shop. (Where? Local Coffee Shops:

People who honk as they approach you, thinking you just might pull out in front of them: Um…if you’re that paranoid, you should stop driving before you have a stroke and cause an accident yourself.

Product wrapping that could survive re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere: I once bought an all-purpose tool, with a knife, can opener, and little bitty scissors. I bought it so that I could keep it in my car, in case I needed to open wrapping, in the car. I had to take it home to open it.

DVD’s that make me watch the previews: I bought or rented the DVD; I don’t want to be forced to watch the ads. Might as well go to a theater. Let me go to the menu!

Software updates that result in system lock-ups: I’ve worked in IT since 1994, and I’m pretty savvy with this stuff. But, I still get suckered by the world of automatic updates, and end up with crap that seizes up on me. Chalk it up to a personality flaw. Firefox 1.5…Windows XP…good products (I’m not an anti-Microsoft religious freak, even though I started out on an Apple ][+ in 1982), but c’mon, Folks, QA QA QA your updates….

People who consistently won’t meet anyone’s eyes in the hallway: I don’t trust you. Anyone can have an off-day, but an off-decade? Go program something.

Motion/Heat sensing garage door opener lights: The motion sensor on my Craftsman ¾ HP unit (similar if not identical to sees us enter the garage, from the house, and turns on the lights. Sometimes. Other times, I peek my head out there, to grab a soda, and the light is already on. Here’s the deal. I move, you turn on. Five minutes later, you turn off. I don’t want to find you on, in the middle of the night, when no one has been out there for four hours. Dig? Motion-sensing is old school technology. Yes, I think it’s great that you can sense heat, as your motion guide. I too enjoyed Predator. Just be more accurate. You’re giving me a bad name, in my neighborhood (garage window = why does he have his garage light on at 3:00 AM?).

Trash cans with foot-controlled lids: You always break. Always. It’s just a matter of time. Yet, I keep buying you. Stupid. I don’t stomp you. I’m nice. Poor construction…poor execution of a nice idea.

Outdoor trash cans with non-attached lids: Why do I keep grabbing the lids that come with you? They blow away anyway. Next time, I’m buying the kind with the hinged lids (although I’m sure they will end up failing at some point).

People who feel that your work place owes you something: Last time I checked, you signed up to do a job. You doing it? I’m not talking about the one-horse town with the one employer, and the folks who have little other choice. Yeah, I think that can be legit, and those folks may need protection from employers who take advantage. I’m really talking about those folks who view their employer as a welfare provider.

Drivers who do not know how to use the median: The opening in the median was placed there so folks could turn there. I was not a geometry wiz, but even I figured out that, if you present your vehichle, to on-coming traffic, at an angle, it will appear shorter than it actually is. In English, this means angle your auto, while using the median, and your SUV’s big fat ass will not hang out into the lane. Added bonus: you’ll be pointed in the right direction, to continue left. Or, if you are going straight across (rude), you can probably still angle it a bit.

Blinkers: All cars have them. Why do so few folks use them, or know how to use them? How many times are you about to pull out, into traffic, because you see a car approaching, with its turn signal on, and you assume they are going to turn into the same lot you’re leaving, only to have them pass you by, on their way to the next (or even the next!) entrance? Answer: Almost daily. ‘Tis like Driver’s Ed was quickly forgotten after they bought or sexed their way to their license.

IM’ers who send “You you have time for a question?”, and you reply, “Apparently so, because I just answered that question, although it slowed down an answer to your forthcoming real question,” and they reply “I didn’t want to waste my time typing the real question, if you were not there,” and you reply “I’m glad I could take some extra time to save you time, then,” and they don’t get that you’re joking.

Being fixated on the 1980’s. I lived it. It was fun, but not that fun. Move on. The worst songs of the 80’s actually suck more than the worst songs of the 70’s, and that’s saying a lot. Whereas the best songs, of the 70’s, were better than the best songs of the 80’s. True story.

People who do not spell-check emails: What’s the hold-up? Does it “take too long” and “slow you down”? Hint: If you could spell correctly, at least now and then, Spellcheck would not slow you down, because it would rarely kick in. If it is slowing you down…good! Take the time, and spare the rest of us trying to figure out what you’re point is.

“I always find lost items in the last place I look.” And you would keep looking, after you find your items, because…?


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