Monthly Archives: October 2005

Added a better antenna to my wireless router and improved my home LAN

            My decision to house my wireless router, underneath my basement stairs, while aesthetically clever, is tactically a bit silly.  Wireless routers should really be on the top floor – not in the basement – to best cover a house.  Since I routed all my network cables down there, when we built, I am somewhat stuck.


            So, to improve reception/transmission, to and from our notebooks, I added a $19.99 omni-directional antenna (purchased from the Bluemound CompUSA at  Configuration is as simple as unscrewing the old antenna and screwing the new one in.  Instantly, our notebooks can now connect flawlessly from the farthest reaches of the house.


            Because I had been considering scrapping my old workhorse D-Link DI-624 router for a new, sleek NetGear MaxRange ($129), I feel I just saved myself $110.


            Thanks to Joey Colwell (next door neighbor) for suggesting I check at CompUSA.  Before that, I had been researching antennas, and I was going to drop $40 online for one.  This model seems to be doing the trick.