Monthly Archives: November 2004

Some Favorite DVD’s

TV Series

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Seasons 1 – 7)

Angel (Seasons 1 – 4 {and 5 coming out soon, I hear)

Highlander (I’m up through season 5, with 6 on watch at CD Max)

Smallville (I’ve only got 1 & 2, but 3 is out, I think, and it is currently on-air in season 4)


Iron Monkey – Made in 1993 (and released here with a Quentin Tarantino introduction in 2002), this story is of Wong Fei-Hung (a real historical figure, though his eploits are exaggerated and downright just made up in many films), a boy who grows up to be a hero. This story is more about his father, and a local hero vigilante (the Iron Monkey), and their defeat of the local corrupt government officials. The character of Wong Fei-Hung is also played by Jet Li (in the ‘Once Upon a Time in China’ series), Jackie Chan (the two ‘Drunken Master’ films). The action is directed by Yuen Wo Ping, of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and the Matrix films. Donnie Yen also does a great job, as usual.

The Matrix trilogy, plus The Animatrix

Lord of the Rings trilogy (I only saw them in the theatre; I’ve never taken the 1,000 hours to actually watch the DVD’s, but I own them, just in case I ever do. I did spin them up to make sure they work, and the sound is great).

The Evil Dead trilogy (see related article regarding the remake at It kicks Ashe. Note there are several version of each film, available on DVD. I don’t own, but need to buy, the rubber Necronomicon human flesh bound edition of II.(picture to be seen at,%20The,%20Book%20Of%20The%20Dead%20(IV)/details.cfm)

The Butterfly Effect. Yeah, Ashton Kutcher really can act.

C.H.U.D. Okay, it’s not really a “favorite”, but I would not part with it, for sentimental reasons.

PIXAR films: Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, Toy Story II, Finding Nemo, etc.

ANTZ – Woody Allen, the nebbish insect.

Kill Bill Volumes I & II. Uma? Oprah? UMA.

Wish Master I & II, and III – The first two movies on one DVD (flip it over). Fantastic trash.

Drunken Master and The Legend of Drunken Master (#2 in the series) – Jackie Chan

Several trashy Jackie Chan 1970’s poorly mastered flicks to DVD, from various cheapo bins. Good stuff.

Spider-Man (2001) – of course. Note: Spidey 2 will be released this month, but wait for the Limited Edition, due out in January, containing 8 more minutes of effects, shot for the DVD, at a cost of 14 million more bucks or something like that. Includes a new water battle.


Walking with Dinosaurs – The PBS Series

One of my kids’ first soccer game, my other kid’s 4th birthday party – My first DV video to DVD transfer, complete with a soundtrack including Pink and Nine Days.


Ben Bova’s “Planets” novels — “Venus”, “Saturn”, etc.

Stephen Baxter – Pretty much read all of his stuff, but there are a couple left to go. If you have to start with one of them, pick ‘Timelike Infinity” or one of the “Manifold” books, like “Manifold Time”. Bugger those. Instead, read “Ring” first. Why have dark-matter based giant space birds been smashing galaxies together for billions of years?

Oh, wait. Try “The Light of Other Days” – Imagine a WEBcam that could not only open a tiny (undetectable) wormhole to anywhere, it could open one up in any time. Privacy? Schmivacy.

Robert Jordan – The Wheel of Time series – What, me read fantasy? What up, Dawg? Careful, there are 10 books in the can and perhaps the 11’th being published as I type this. I’ve read four, but I bought 10 of them at Half Price Books.

Greg Bear – EON